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Lockdown Online Delights

There is no denying the many changes and shifts we have all had to make during this period of lockdown. Our practices now involve watching a screen. We watch our teachers intently, trying desperately not to be distracted by children, pets or the full washing basket. As for the trainers, yoga and meditation teachers, we find ourselves having to tackle a whole new way of sharing what we love. The feedback, interaction and connection has been reduced to a wave and thumbs up from a screen. Yet, it seems that a deeper love and support is emerging. I feel closer and deeply supported by those who practice with us. I also feel closer and more supportive of my teachers and what they are offering during this time of lockdown. I learnt early on that a routine would support this strange new way of living. Exercise and meditation had to be top of the list, supporting both my mental and physical wellbeing. There are so many great offerings available online, but these are just a few that I have turned to on a daily basis. LOVE VS VIRUS – YouTube Live

I have been studying meditation with Burgs ( for 10 years or so. Attending month long silent retreats, and their online offerings. Since the lockdown Burgs and the AOM Team have been working tirelessly to share Dharma teachings, Qi Gong and meditation on Love vs Virus YouTube channel. There are live offerings every day and a plethora of meditations and movement practices. The practices are at 10am and 7.30pm daily. A great way to start and finish the day. P.E WITH JOE – YouTube Live The world seems to have taken Joe into their hearts and living rooms. Including my family. The joy we have prancing around the room, falling over the puppies and answering his trivia questions has been the perfect start to the day. Meeting Joe and my sister in the living room at 9am every morning has become the perfect routine to lift our spirits and energy. MORNING WAKE UP WITH NICKY – YouTube Live Ok, so this is my offering. Why is it here? Honestly, me sharing the shake out in the morning three times a week has been an absolute delight. On the days I don’t share it live, my family and I meet in the living room to do the session from the previous day. What a giggle we have at mine at my mother’s expense, so worth it. All great healing in the art of not taking yourself to seriously. So, here it is, my sneaky delights during lockdown. What are your sneaky delights?

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